This Division is involved in the construction, commissioning, testing and maintenance of projects in the electricity sector as well as their engineering, related civil works and turnkey projects. These activities are carried out in the following sectors:

a. Generations:
- Thermal and hydraulics power plants.
- Wind Farms.
- Renewable power plants.

b. Power Transmission:
- Transmission lines up to 500 kV.
- Medium and overhead grids.


c. Transformation:
- Substations up to 500 kV.
- Turnkey substations.
- Rehabilitation and maintenance.

d. Distribution:
- Rural electrification and medium low-voltage distribution.
- Service connections.
- Overhead and underground power lines.

e. Automation:
- Controlling the industrial and domestic equipment through the programmed controllers.
- Controlling and monitoring both DC and AC motors by a frequency converter (AC Drive).

f. Special Projects:
- Live-wire work on power lines and substations applying sophisticated equipment and highly skilled personnel.



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