This Division's line of business focuses on participating in projects in integral water treatment and in environment protection that have a high technological value. It can carry out the design, construction, and operation of infrastructures in these segments both for public and private clients.

The projects target the following market segments:

a.Hydraulic Infrastructure:
- Collection of underground and surface water.
- Pumping and water raising stations.
- Irrigation networks.
- Construction of water deposits, regulators, weirs and reservoirs.

b. Water Treatment:
- Drinking water treatment station.
- Urban and Industrial wastewater treatment plants.
- Waste water pumping stations.
- Drinking water supply and sewage networks.
- Outlet piping.


c. Hydroelectric Power Plants:
- Construction of Dams or Weirs for water intake.
- Pressure water conduits.
- Plant buildings.
- Electrical and electromechanical equipment.
- Transport lines.

d. Water Well Drilling:
- Borehole drilling.
- Lowering of submersible pumps and piping system in waterwell.
- Wells rectifying.




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