Ship/Vessel Repair, Maintenance & Technical Services

Philko experienced nautical engineers and technicians are trained to carry out the followings:

  • Running Repair and Conversion Works of Hull, Machinery & Electrical Departments.

  • Damage Restoration Works of Collision, Firing, etc…

  • Inspection, Adjustment and Repair of Main Engine, Turbocharger, Generator
    Engine, Steam Turbine, Reduction Gear and Control Device.

  • General Preparation and Proxy of Class Survey.

  • Overhauling, Reconditioning and Exchange of Ship's Parts.

  • General fabrication - Steel and Aluminum constructions and pipe fabrications (including Carbon and Alloy Steel piping) from manufacture of complete accommodation modules, deckhouses, tank units, masts, derricks, etc. to replacement of chain lockers, entire ship's deck, tank tops, bottom plating, ship's side, bow plating, entire pipe systems in double bottom tanks, engine rooms or hydraulic pipes on deck.

  • Rigging crews.

  • Boiler repairs & treatment chemical.

  • Steam, chemical and ultrasonic cleaning.

  • Repairs and reconditioning of pumps, valves, heat exchangers, Propeller shafts and bearings, rudder, coolers & condensers.

  • Specialized welding services to X-Ray standards.

  • Design/modification to facilities to meet OH&S requirements.

  • Tank repairs.

Ship/Vessel Repair, Maintenance & Technical Services

Shipboard System Repair, Maintenance & New Design

Underwater Inspection

Underwater Construction, Cleaning, Repair & Installation


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