Underwater Construction, Cleaning, Repair & Installation

Philko Offshore Personnel are well experienced and equipped to perform the following Marine services:

  • Underwater marine construction

  • Trash rack inspection, cleaning and replacement

  • Submarine cable installation, locating and inspection

  • Pipeline locating, installations and inspection

  • Insurance Surface and Underwater Damage Video Assessments

  • Surface and Underwater Welding and Oxy-Arc Cutting

  • Outfall Construction, Inspections and Repair

  • Dock, Pier, Platform & Bridge Repair Services

  • Water Intake Construction, Inspections and Repair

  • Surface Supplied Hard Hat Diving

  • Work in Zero Visibility/Heavy Current River Conditions

  • Contaminated Water Diving

  • Non-Destructive Ultrasonic Thickness Testing

  • Side Scan/Sector Scan Sonar Inspections

  • Underwater Metal Detection

  • Salvage

  • Penetration/Confined Space Entry

  • Potable Water Diving (prior to entering any potable water system all of our equipment is cleaned and disinfected with a 200 PPM chlorine solution)


Ship/Vessel Repair, Maintenance & Technical Services

Shipboard System Repair, Maintenance & New Design

Underwater Inspection

Underwater Construction, Cleaning, Repair & Installation




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