Philko service and maintenance division provides services for commissioned projects and for other potentials. These activities that are handled by this division are diversified and among them:

a. Electricity
- Substations and transformation centers.
- High and low-voltage distribution.
- General distribution switchboards.
- Management, command and signaling systems.
- Lighting and illumination.

b. Air Conditioning and Ventilation
- Air conditioning and ventilation.
- Exhaust systems.

c. Hydro Sanitation
- Plumbing.
- Sanitary hot /cold water and sewage.

d. Electronics & Security
- Voice and data.
- Intercoms and Public address systems, telephony and TV.
- Fire detection and extinguishing.
- Access and presence control.
- Closed circuit TV.
- Centralized control systems for buildings.

e. Transport Infrastructure
- Signaling.
- Lighting.
- Transformer stations and others, both for roads and highways.




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